Wednesday, October 21, 2009

End of Summer

Our summer ended with a lot of spending time with our friends and family. The nursing school bunch finally managed to get together with all the babies (5 in all...Lydia is the oldest!!) and have dinner at our house.

Aunt Val with more than her share of the crew

For a while we couldn't keep the kids from kissing on each other!! It was so funny...

Annslee kept running right up to the camera for a picture

Averi was the sweetest, quietest one of all

We really enjoyed seeing how much Cameron had grown and how much older she seemed!
She thought all the commotion was amusing...

We put the kids in their pajamas and took pictures...I think they thought we were crazy!

My kids were wiped by the end of the night...YAY!!

Sweet Averi

Lydia and Levi LOVE popsicles in the summer

We took the kids to the Little Rock game at the first of the season.
It was his first time at a game...

But first we had to stop at Uncle Tony's surprise party

Even Tom Tom showed up

Just because you turn 30 doesn't mean you have to act like it!!

This picture shows how beat up Levi stays...

Aunt Debbie and Nana

Nana and Pawpaw Ray


The Party

Pawpaw Bass

Levi LOVES to dance

We went to the Letterman's Club for the game. The kids had a great time playing while we watched the game!

Levi has become a master tackler. It is his way of playing and giving some love!
Step 1: quietly stalk the unsuspecting victim

Step 2: Go in for the grab

Step 3: Don't let go no matter what

Step 4: Pinned!!

Lydia went through a phase where she would only wear her Rain Boots!

What is better than watching football in your underwear?

Future Hog

See...she is getting more hair!!

We watched the second half with Pawpaw Bass